Featured Artist: Kenton Yoder

About Kenton

Abstract Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting
Email: mail@ginkgostudio.net | Website: ginkgostudio.net

Kenton Yoder finally gave in to the urge to paint at age 56. Despite having always been creative, he never seriously considered art as an outlet. Working in the model toy industry, dabbling in stained glass design, and indulging in many creative hobbies served for many years to satisfy his drive to create something unique.

In 2014, after watching his daughter paint with watercolors, he expressed a more serious interest in painting. After painting for over a year, he is beginning to find his signature style, which is exploring textures and moods. Mr. Yoder states that his goal is to create paintings which connect with the viewer on an emotional level.


Artist Statement

I feel that the purpose of art is to make a visceral, instinctive connection with whoever experiences it. This connection may be as simple as a pleasing combination of colors and forms, or a reminder of a profound, life-changing event. Whatever level this emotional connection reaches, I believe it is essential. Any intent on the part of the artist to make a deeper statement, be it social, political, or otherwise, will be lost if the viewer does not make a visual, emotional connection with the work.

Whether or not the viewer is able to express or even understand their connection to a work of art, is immaterial. The very fact that an artwork resonates with the viewer validates its existence. It is my goal as an artist to create art that becomes a valued part of the owners life.