Poetic Art




Instructor: Alyse Chinnock
Beginning: August 16th Mondays for 6 weeks
Time: 6 – 7:30 pm
Cost: $85 members/$110 non-members

Classes usually start with a free writing exercise and move into some more directed tasks.
Sample class outline:

Class Objective: explore the relationship between poetry and sound.
Exercise 1: free write to music
Students listen to an instrumental track two times and do a free write responding to the piece. Ask if anyone wants to share.
Play a Vachel Lindsay recording and discuss his work in relation to music.

Exercise 2: Blind translation
Students listen to a recording of a poem in another language, played a few times. They attempt to interpret it without knowing the source language, based only on sound.
Ask students to discuss possible interpretations. Finish the exercise by playing the English version.

Exercise 3: alphabet poem
Students select a letter of the alphabet and have five minutes to generate a list of words starting with that letter. Then they are asked to write a poem using as many of the words as possible.

There will be time at the end of a class to share work.

Alyse Chinnock is a poet and painter. She most recently taught a youth poetry art hybrid class for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation in Lafayette. She is particularly interested in poetry and hybrid type classes.
Alyse recently relocated back to Elkhart and also works as the Program Manager for Elkhart ArtWalk.

“I’d love to connect about those things as well!”

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