Open Art Studio



Open Art Studio
Thursdays beginning January 12th, 2022
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Requirement options:
1. To be currently enrolled in an EAL class – included in class fee for students in 4-8 week classes (no need to register here).

2. To have beginning level experience for those not enrolled in an EAL class

 Use of the EAL facility and equipment by those not taking class: $10/session
 $15 for 25 lbs. of clay
 Clay to be fired by EAL will need to be purchased from EAL
 $6/piece to glaze, bisque fire, and glaze fire
 Glazes not furnished by EAL will need to be approved in order to fire

Open art studio is for independent work time in the studio environment. There will be no instructor, however other EAL staff will be there. This is an opportunity for students to have extra studio time to develop skill and finish class work. It is also opportunity for artists not enrolled in an EAL class to work in the studio and use our equipment to create.

Register and pay online using the shopping cart (use multiple quantities to pay for multiple weeks of open studio). Clay can be purchased through the shopping cart also. Please print and bring proof of payment.

You can also pay the open studio staff. Payment for glaze and firing will be required at time the piece(s) is(are) presented for bisque fire.

If you have any questions, email us at

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Open Studio Time

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