“Hello From Earth” by Christine Parkhurst Exhibit November 8 – 28, 2017. Meet the Artist Opening Night November 11th, 5 to 8 pm.

“Hello from Earth”

“In this exhibit I want to celebrate the beauty of nature and share my inspirations.  I would like to offer everyone the opportunity to come together and relax.  “Hello From Earth” is a compilation of large botanical themed oil paintings paired with my original music soundtracks to hopefully entertain, relax, and inspire you.  Come pause for a moment and share my world, my friends.  Hello, From Earth”

~ Christine Parkhurst

Parkhurst has been practicing the art of oil painting for over 30 years.  She began working in this medium on canvas at the age of 13 and loved painting in oils so much she never much deviated from the path.  Though her paintings are rarely shown, some have won awards at juried shows and she has gained a few private collectors.  In the past her works became known for their fairy tale themes.  After taking a break from showing for a few years, she is emerging with a new series of large canvas oil paintings in simple botanical themes, with the nature-loving home-owner in mind.  Most of these have a selective 5 – color composition that will integrate well as a decorative or meditative piece in the home.

Parkhurst’s music influence began with learning classical pieces on piano starting at a very early age, but she did not play for many years and began composing on a few years ago.  These music arrangements are created in – studio using a digital audio workstation.  Each piece is inspired by the them Hello From Earth.  Arrangements are instrumentals that combine world or orchestral instruments with contemporary instruments and rhythms.  To the artist, these are paintings in audio form.