Featured Artist: Robert R. Williams

Artist’s Statement

My art does not have any deep seated philosophical meaning which must be explained to and understood by the viewer. My motivation for painting and drawing relates more to the love of the creative process than for a desire to say something. I do, however, enjoy the challenge of trying to convey the pain or pleasure I feel to the viewer of my work as I observe the world around me . I particularly enjoy portraying the visual beauty I see in my subjects which may not be apparent to the casual observer.


Artist Biography

DSC_0543a (3)Robert R. Williams was born in Northeast Ohio and grew up on the Pennsylvania/Ohio state line just 7 miles from Lake Erie. He has lived most of the last 43 years living in the St. Joseph Michigan area.  After graduating with a BS in electrical engineering from Cleveland State University in 1967, he was concerned with the science and math of designing various electronic home entertainment equipment and appliances and for a short time owned a RadioShack franchise.

In 2001, he retired to start a full time art career. Although he has no academic education in art, he studied portraiture from George Palmer of Buffalo, NY for four years and has taken workshops from several nationally known artists. While producing a variety of art in several media, he specializes in portraits in charcoal, pastel and oil.